Repairing is Best

Whatever type, quality or brand, repairing your oven is nearly always the best option.  Repair cost is generally  relative to the quality of oven.   So, if you’ve got an oven that is tidy to look at and is repairable at a reasonable  cost, why would you want to buy new?  Most repairs are normally carried out within 24 hours and at worst 2/3 working days.  Oven repairs are carried out subject to the availability of spares which are readily available for most brands.  Our inspection and repair service can give your oven a new lease of life.

The Full Oven Range

Genuine spares and top quality repairs to a whole range of ovens including all major manufacturers and top designer brands including Kuppersbusch and Teka. Every repair comes with a minimum of 12 months guarantee.

Repairs to Built-in Ovens

Built-In ovens are those that are fixed under a worktops and would normally have an hob fixed into the worktop above it.  They are also built to eye level in towers.  Spares are widely available for most brands.

Freestanding Ovens

Freestanding ovens can be dual fuel, all electric or all gas.  Repairs are carried out to freestanding ovens that are all electric and to the electrical components of duel fuel ovens.

Repairs to Hobs

Repairs to Halogen hobs, Solid Plate hobs and Ceramic hobs.

Repairs to combi Microwaves

These are combi microwaves that are generally housed in a tower on top of or below the main oven.
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Cooker Repairs Bristol

 We are a Bristol Cooker Repair Company with the domain name Cooker Repairs Bristol. Where fault finding is a guessing game for some, for us it is a skill, honed over a twenty year period. It is with confidence when we say there isn’t a fault with an oven that we will not be able to solve. Cooker Repairs Bristol is a domain name and a service you can trust.

We are a Bristol based small business providing an excellent cooker repair service to the community.  We are hands on, meaning, the person who answers your call will have first hand experience of a multitude of cooker faults that will help him when dealing with your query. The advice he gives will help you decide if the cooker or oven is worth fixing. If a repair is requested, that same person will carry out the repair at an affordable price.  

We are proud to serve you as one of Bristol’s finest cooker and oven repair specialists. We are ready to troubleshoot every kind of electrical problem concerning cooking hobs, combi microwaves, slot-in ovens, freestanding ovens, built-in ovens and all kinds of range cookers. If it is dead or tripping, we can fix it. All repairs are guaranteed for a minimum of twelve months.

Cooker Repairs Bristol put the emphasis on getting your cooker up and working again with the minimum of down time. If spares are not in stock, they can normally be sourced within a couple of working days.

We are adaptable and can adjust to meet the needs of every household in the Bristol area. Cooker Repairs Bristol will repair any brand that spares are available for including these common brands:

AEG, Amica, Ariston, Beko, Belling, Britannia, Bosch, Baumatic, Creda, Caple, Cannon, Candy, CDA, Electrolux, Falcon, Gorenje, Hoover, Indesit, Kuppersbusch, Lg, Leisure, Mercury, Newworld, NEFF, Rangecookers, Rangemaster, Smeg, Samsung, Stoves, Siemens, Teka, whirlpool, Wrighton and Zanussi. Please enquire if your brand is not listed.


When Your Oven Breaks

At this point, you are faced with two clear choices, having it repaired or buying a new one. We are only in the business of repairing and can make very good suggestions, based on past experiences, to the cause of a fault and what the repair cost is is likely to be. This and other useful advice, given over the telephone, will help you decide the best course of action.


Fault Finding Skills

If you decide to have your oven fixed, our fault finding skills are second to none. Fault finding is the ability to narrow the fault down to a certain area. That is something we are particularly good at. This is no guess work, it is achieved by a high level of training and the use of reliable test equipment. We could say we get it right 100% of the time but we don’t want to boast.

Telephone Quotes

Our telephone quotes are generally spot on,  except for about 5% of the time when they are out. There are times when it is just not possible to know the cause of the problem without first inspecting the appliance. Telephone quotes normally include an inspection charge, a fixing charge and the cost of a part if required. The inspection portion of the quote enables you to make an informed choice. You can then  decide how to proceed. You will have the option to repair or buy new.

Repair Success

The only sure way to confirm the cause of an appliance fault is to carry out the initial part of the service that we provide, which is the inspection. Based on the inspection findings, around 3% of our customers opt to buy a new appliance. The reasons for this varies between the different brands on the market, coupled with customer choice.  The point of the initial inspection however, is to confirm the fault and inform you of any further findings. Our inspection provides you the customer with an informed choice and 97% of customers use the information to have their appliance repaired.
  • Fault Finding Skills 99%
  • Repairs Within Telephone Quote 95%
  • Repair Success 97%
Is it worth fixing a broken oven?

Yes, for some people and no, for others. Unless you are technically minded, you might not know what has caused your oven to break. Very often the repair cost is way less than the cost of buying new. Discussing the problem with a service engineer will help you decide which way you should go.

Our free telephone advice is based on our experience in dealing with oven problems. We will tell you the likely cause of the problem you are having with your oven. The advice and information that we provide will help you decide which way to go. Ultimately the choice is yours, we just want you to make that choice based on sound advice.

Do you charge a fixed price?

Fixed price repairs are often advertised by nationwide companies. These charges are generally around £130 and will cover everything, parts included if necessary. This might seems like an attractive deal to some because the actual cost of their repair may be higher than £130. Often though, these companies have a no fix no fee clause which allows them to walk away from very expensive repairs.

In the case of a faulty oven, the majority of faults are confined to thermostats, selector switch, tripping of electrics, oven cutting out after a certain time and faulty heater elements. In most cases these faults can be fixed for around £100. Call us now to discuss your fault and get a realistic repair cost to help you decide.

Why does my oven element blow?


If your oven was left to overheat, not only would your food burn before it is cooked, the element would also blow. Hence the need for a thermostat. The thermostat ensures the heat in the oven does not go beyond its settings. Oven temperature fluctuate because of heat loss. Heat loss requires the thermostat to regulate the temperature. It does this by switching the element on and off. Switching is more frequent with cheaper ovens because of poor insulation.  Switching the element on and off causes expansion and contraction. This continued stress causes the filament inside the element to blow. Cheaper oven elements are likely to blow quicker. therefore, be aware of 3 and 6 months guarantees.


How soon can you fix my oven?

Very often the oven can be fixed on the same or next day. Where spares have to be ordered in, it can be fixed within 3 working days.

Can you get spares for my brand of oven?


Spares are available for all the above brands and many more. If your brand is not listed, please call with your make and model.

What Is the lifespan of an oven?

The lifespan of an oven ends at the point where it has stop working properly and will require a repair. This will vary from one appliance to another depending on its usage and quality.  It is virtually impossible to buy an appliance that is 100% reliable or will never break. Sooner or later it will break but that does not mean you should throw it away and go buy a new one. Normally it will be more economical to have it repaired once or twice before you even consider buying a new one.

tickbox1Faults we repair on a daily basis

tickbox1 Fan working but no heat
tickbox1 Oven door not closing properly
tickbox1 Burning food – food not cooked
tickbox1 Oven door glass has fallen in
tickbox1 Noisy oven fan
tickbox1 Continually tripping electrics – have to keep off at wall switch
tickbox1 Oven keeps cutting out after some period of time – loss of power
tickbox1 Cannot set clock
tickbox1 Oven not working but grill works fine
tickbox1 None of the above – the above faults are just a few of the many faults we fix.

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Not All Ovens Are The Same

Needless to say then, that spare parts are not the same for all ovens and they are therefore not interchangeable. The make and full model number will be needed in order to provide correct cost and availability for the right part. You can find this information on the nameplate around the door or drawer areas of the oven.